Taiwan Film Festival in Sydney | Lost Black Cats - 35th Squadron

Lost Black Cats - 35th Squadron

《疾風魅影 黑貓中隊》

Australian Premiere 澳洲首映
Director Jonathan Yang 楊佈新 | 2018 | 92 mins | All Ages
with English and Mandarin subtitles 含中英文字幕

A powerful documentary about the Taiwanese pilots involved in the American U-2 project to uncover China’s development of nuclear weapons in the 1960s and 1970s. 

Half a century later, director Jonathan Yang interviews remaining pilots including those who were hit by missiles during their spy activities. Through re-enactment and fantastic graphics, the pilots share their experiences and reflect on the significance of their mission. For which country were they really sacrificing their lives? 



相隔半個世紀,聽著這些人敘說他們當年駕駛 U-2 偵察機的際遇。進行偵測、拍攝當時中國的武力與核能的開發過程,遭遇著隨時面臨衝擊與死亡的變遷。然而最慘酷的現實卻在終點等著他們。究竟他們是為那個國家犧牲與付出?是冷戰時期美國的犧牲者,還是台灣空軍的英雄?



screens with short film Penny -《潘妮媽媽說不可以》

Director Kai-Tung Tam 譚棨茼

Penny, who is very much into the fashion, pop culture and sweets. But living in a strict traditional family that restricted her freedom to explore. Until one day PJ who came into her life and changes everything. 


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