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Love Go Go《愛情來了》

Australian Premiere 澳洲首映
171207_LoveGoGo_FTR 0100.jpg

Director Chen Yu-Hsun 陳玉勳 | 1997 | 115 mins | UNCL G

Awards 獎項

1997 Taipei Golden Horse Award - Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress.

第34屆金馬獎 - 最佳男配角、最佳女配角


1997 Taipei Golden Horse Award - Nominated for Best Original Film Score, Best Original Film Song, Best Original Screenplay, Best Visual Effects, Best Makeup & Costume Design.

第34屆金馬獎 - 入圍最佳原創電影音樂、最佳原創電影歌曲、最佳原著劇本、最佳視覺特效、最佳造型設計


1997 Tokyo International Film Festival - Young Cinema Competition

第10屆東京國際影展 - 入圍青年導演競賽


1998 Toronto International Film Festival - Contemporary World Cinema 

第23屆多倫多國際影展 - 當代電影世界單元


A stylish three-part omnibus film that intertwines each character's love lives across Taipei City. The consistency of the cinematography style and editing skills had successfully brought Director Chen's work to international attention.  


Ah-Sheng, a baker, is deeply in love with his childhood crush but too afraid to confront her. Lily finds a pager in the street and starts to have an obsession with the owner, whom she has never met before. Ah-Sung, a frustrated door-to-door salesman, who encounters a bizarre incident when he was getting a haircut. All these lonely people are stuck in their bubble, searching for a way to understand the nature of love.




麵包師(陳進興 飾)偶遇曾暗戀過的國小同學,決定鼓起勇氣參加電視歌唱比賽,欲藉此表達愛意;棉花糖女孩 (廖慧珍 飾)在路上撿到BB Call,好奇心驅使下與失主聯絡,竟意外展開一場電話戀情;防狼用具推銷員(施易男 飾)到理髮店剪髮,老闆娘被闖入的婦人毆打直說她是小三,兩個各自失意的人互相取暖。圍繞在台北這座無情城市的三段故事,亦有深情。

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