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Love, Gangsters, and Unforgettable Performances: Behind the Scenes of Giddens Ko's Film MISS SHAMPOO

Translator: Helen S.

Following the billion-dollar box office success of three popular films - "YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYES," "MON MON MON MONSTERS," and "TILL WE MEET AGAIN" - Director Giddens Ko's fourth film, "MISS SHAMPOO," has generated high anticipation among movie fans and has caused a sensation in the industry. The film features Chun-Feng, the lead singer of Taiwan's powerhouse music band 911, and Vivian Sung from "TILL WE MEET AGAIN" and "CAFE WAITING LOVE," alongside the regular cast members from Giddens Ko's team.

"MISS SHAMPOO" tells the story of a hairdresser, portrayed by Vivian Sung, who encounters Chun Feng, a mafia leader seeking refuge in her hair salon after a failed assassination attempt. The shelter provided by Sung ignites an eternal love between the two, leading them on an inevitable journey fate cannot resist. Fans will have to watch the film in cinemas to discover how Chun Feng and Vivian Sung's characters kindle the spark of love.

Adapted from a short story in Giddens Ko's novel "Precisely Out of Control," "MISS SHAMPOO" establishes a connection between Giddens Ko and Chun Feng since their first encounter in "BAD EDUCATION" (2022), where Chun Feng also participated.

Director Giddens Ko stated, "This is a love story that everyone wants to experience. I selected the most adorable aspects to bring it to life on screen. Despite the gangster backdrop, I aimed to portray these sweet gangsters, and their love story makes them even more endearing."

Casting Chun Feng as the lead role for "MISS SHAMPOO" was a challenging decision for Ko. Initially, Ko hesitated after seeing Chun Feng's performances in Kai Ko's "BAD EDUCATION" and being unfamiliar with Chun Feng's personality. However, during a casual chat on the set of "BAD EDUCATION," they improvised a screenplay and instantly hit it off. This strengthened the opportunity for collaboration and laid the foundation for their work on "MISS SHAMPOO."

With Giddens Ko's regular cast members and new additions coming together, the script of "MISS SHAMPOO" has created an interesting and surprising atmosphere. Giddens Ko once again showcases his charismatic directing skills with different actors, earning praise for his unique creativity from the cast members.

Chun Feng, in his debut male lead role, experienced extreme stress, with both Giddens Ko and Vivian Sung feeling nervous for him. Giddens Ko chuckled, saying, "On the first day on set, he mentioned that he didn't sleep well the night before due to nervousness. It's good to feel stressed; I was concerned he wasn't afraid!"

Kai Ko, for the first time, took on a supporting role in Giddens Ko's work. Despite playing as a sidekick to Chun Feng, his performance continued to shine and became a highlight that captivated the audience. One amusing incident during filming occurred when Chun Feng laughed several times at Kai Ko's poor Taiwanese language skills, which made Kai Ko want to retaliate with, "How about you try speaking English!"


SYD: THU 20 JULY | 7:00PM

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