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The Taiwan Film Festival in Australia is thrilled to partner with Sydney-based ceramicist Bernadette Huang this year to create a fantastic series of limited edition, carefully handcrafted ceramic coffee cups featuring the #TaiwanFilmFest logo! 


This year's key visual theme embraces a raw terracotta aesthetic, symbolizing Taiwanese architecture with deep historical, symbolic, and meaningful significance. The red bricks represent the traditional Minnan architectural style that began to take root in Taiwan during the Qing Dynasty, bearing witness to Taiwan's evolution through the tides of history.


第七屆澳洲台灣台灣影展很高興能與雪梨陶藝家 Bernadette Huang 合作,創造一系列精美的限量版手工陶瓷咖啡杯。



Handmade Ceramics Coffee Cup

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