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The Way Home: The Call of the Azangiljan


Director Wei Yu-Chen 魏郁蓁 | 2020 | 78 mins | UNCL G

Awards 獎項

2020 Taipei Film Awards - Nominated for Best Documentary 

第22屆台北電影節 - 入圍最佳紀錄片


Director Wei's debut emotional documentary uncovered the beauty and the duality between the two cultures. Dremedreman, a Paiwan indigenous single mother of three children, left her town for various reasons. Still, this act could be seen as a form of disloyalty or betrayal from the community. 


Dremedreman is in the line of succession to be the Tjuwaqau chief from her father, Azangiljan. However, not knowing how to speak in her native tongue, she struggles to get support and connect with the elders. Trapped in a dilemma, Dremedreman tries to protect the culture but make a living simultaneously.


文化、經濟與社會衝突依舊存在於台灣原住民的生活中,因為經濟原因選擇離開部落,有時可被視為背叛整個部落。日日滿(漢名 廖莉華,小名 瑪妮)在這夾縫中試著保護著這文化,同時維持著家庭的經濟收入。



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