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The Gangs, The Oscars, and The Walking Dead《江湖無難事》

Australian Premiere 澳洲首映

Director Kao Pin-Chuan 高炳權 | 2019 | 105 mins | UNCL 15+

Awards 獎項

2019 Busan International Film Festival - A Window on Asian Cinema 

第24屆釜山國際影展 - 亞洲電影之窗


2019 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival - Nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Best Makeup & Costume Design 

第56屆金馬獎 - 入圍最佳女配角、造型設計


2020 Taipei Film Festival - Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress, Best Makeup & Costume Design

第22屆台北電影節 - 最佳編劇、最佳女配角、最佳造型設計

2020 Taipei Film Festival - Nominated for Best Music, Best Art Design,  Best Visual Effects, Award for Outstanding Artistic Contribution 

第22屆台北電影節 - 入圍最佳配樂、最佳美術設計、最佳視覺效果、傑出技術獎

Roy Chiu (Dear Ex) and Huang Di-Yang star in a black comedy about struggles in the film industry. Filled with unexpected plot twists and hilarious moments, The Gangs, The Oscars, and The Walking Dead will surely turn into a cult classic! 


When two best friends are buried deep in debt trying to make a film, they dig their own graves further by seeking a gang leader for some quick cash. In exchange for the money, they have to cast the leader’s girlfriend Shanny. They seal the deal and party to celebrate but when they wake up the next morning, everything’s turned upside down! 




懷抱電影夢的導演穩死(黃迪揚 飾)和製片豪洨(邱澤 飾)在電影圈打滾十年,一場黑道喪禮讓他們欠下鉅款,陰錯陽差之下,債主龍哥(龍劭華 飾)看上了他們的活屍劇本,給他們將功贖罪的機會,唯一要求是女主角必須由大嫂香耐鵝(姚以緹 飾)出演,正當一切準備就緒時,女主角卻意外身亡,好不容易得到機會的兩人,決定隱瞞真相拍下去......。


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