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The Village of No Return《健忘村》


Director Chen Yu-Hsun 陳玉勳 | 2017 | 116 mins | UNCL 15+

Awards 獎項

2017 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival - Nominated for Best Leading Actress, Best Art Direction, Best Makeup & Costume Design

第54屆金馬獎 - 入圍最佳女主角、最佳美術設計、最佳造型設計


2017 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival - NETPAC Award 

第21屆韓國富川國際奇幻電影展 - 獲得NETPAC獎項


2017 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival - Official Selection 



2017 New York Asian Film Festival - Official Selection



Starring award-winning casts Shu Qi (Three Times, Millennium Mambo) and Joseph Chang (The Victims' Game), it's a quirky, hilarious action-comedy as Wuxia and musical mashup with hopeless romance. 


In a rural village filled with complicated relationships, the villagers are unaware of the outsider trying to wipe out their town. Before the attack, a mysterious guest arrives at the village with a mystical tool that could erase one's memory. He came to the town for a particular purpose——Is he with the assassin? Will the villagers be able to fight against those outsiders? 





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