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The Taiwan Film Festival is an annual film festival event to provide a professional showcase platform for Taiwanese and Asian Australian filmmakers to promote their works in Australia. The event will (a) provide local Taiwan residents with the opportunity to enjoy artistic works from their home heritage and culture, and (b) create an artistic platform to expose and promote Taiwanese and Asian Australian cultures to people from other cultural groups.


Board Members​

Benson Wu     Philip King     Margarett Cortez     Austin Tuon     Tracy Chang 

Festival Director | 影展總監

Benson Wu​

Festival Coordinator | 影展專員

Margarett Cortez     Jessica Kuo     Helen Stenbeck

Programming Team | 選片組
Simon Yang     Helen Stenbeck     Benson Wu

Designers | 設計組

Nancy Lee     Leon Chen    Ariel Tsai     Michelle Kuo

Festival Writers | 文字組

Simon Yang     Helen Stenbeck     Benon Wu

Video Editors | 影片組

Fiona Kuo     Kelvin Gu

Ticketing Team | 票務組

Natasha Low

Festival Volunteers | 影展義工

Coming Soon

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