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Pitching Competition – From Taiwanese Bookshelves to Screen

台灣書櫃 | 台灣出版品改編短片提案競賽

Pitching Competition – From Taiwanese Bookshelves to Screen

13 Sep 2024 @ Australian Film Television and Radio School


For the first time, the Taiwan Film Festival in Australia is hosting a pitching competition. This unique opportunity aims to promote translated Taiwanese literary works by adapting them into screenplays, providing emerging filmmakers with an entry into international co-productions. Whether you are an established filmmaker or fresh out of school, we encourage you to seize this rare opportunity. Participate for a chance to win a $5000 cash prize to kickstart the production of the short film.

台灣書櫃 | 台灣出版品改編短片提案競賽


為了激發更多卓越的台灣文學影視作品,提升內容的轉譯能力,本屆影展首次推出提案競賽。此競賽將挑選歷年台灣書櫃曾推廣的優秀書籍,與出版社合作,精選5本具代表性的台灣文學作品。參與提案競賽的團隊將有機會選擇其中一本書籍,進行翻拍成短片的創作。透過此國際出版轉影視的嘗試,將彰顯臺灣文本IP改編的潛力,並期望開啟更多跨國合作的機會。創投競賽將與澳洲影視學院 Australian Film Television and Radio School 、澳洲影視部門 Screen Australia 與知名製片公司 Goalpost Pictures Australia 合作舉辦。文書推廣包括於:每日青菜的《Day Off》、吳明益老師的《單車失竊記》等作品。


The pithing competition juries includes: 

  • Director Colin Cairnes | Late Night With The Devil (2023) 

  • Producer Kylie de Fresne | Goalpost Production 

  • Author Benjamin Law | Wellmania (2023)

  • Bobby Romain | Screen Australia – Head of Development 

  • Su Shu-Kuan | Taiwan Creative Content Agency  – Assistant Director


The books include: 

You can contact Abby ( for a copy of the ebook.

How It Works

  1. Select a Book:

    • Choose one of the five listed books to base your screenplay on. Focus on a specific part of the book or a particular chapter for your adaptation.

  2. Develop Your Screenplay:

    • Create your screenplay, concentrating on how you will translate the chosen book segment into a visual story.

  3. Prepare Your Pitch:

    • Develop a detailed pitch that includes your storyboard and vision for the film adaptation.

  4. Pitch Presentation:

    • Each pitching team will have up to 10 minutes to present their pitch in English.

    • The presentation must be delivered in person at the venue on the day of the competition.

  5. Team Requirements:

    • The production crew must include at least one Australian member.

    • At least 30% of the film’s production must take place in Australia.

  6. Prize:

    • The winning team will receive a $5000 cash prize to help bring their short film to life.

  7. Registration:

    • Pitching participation registration will close on 1 September. 

    • All pitching presentations must be supplied by 10 September. 

What the Winner Gets

  • $5000 AUD Cash Prize:

    • A cash prize to kickstart the production of your short film.

  • Free Adaptation IP Fee:

    • The festival will cover the intellectual property fees for adapting the selected book.

  • Pre-Pitch Support:

    • The festival will offer support and guidance on how to prepare your pitch before the pitching date.

  • Project Completion Support:

    • The festival will provide assistance at each step of the project to ensure its successful completion.

  • Funding and Resources Guidance:

    • Information and support on how to apply for additional funding and resources for your film.

  • Feedback from a Production Company:

    • An additional production company will provide valuable feedback on your project.

What Your Pitch Needs to Include

  1. Budget and Timeframe Planning:

    • Present a detailed budget for your project.

    • Outline a clear timeframe for each stage of production.

  2. Crew Introduction:

    • Introduce your team members and highlight their relevant experience and roles in the project.

  3. Storyboard Presentation:

    • Showcase a storyboard that visualises key scenes and sequences from your screenplay.

  4. Style Reference and Ideal Location Scout:

    • Provide references for the visual style of your film.

    • Identify ideal locations for filming, ensuring that at least 30% of the production will be in Australia.


Time Frame for Winner Project


  • September to October:

    • Finalise the script.

  • November to December:

    • Complete the filming phase.


  • January to March:

    • Conduct post-production activities.

  • April to November:

    • Participate in film festivals.

  • December:

    • Release the film on a streaming platform.


Note: The winner must complete the short film by 30 April 2025. The short film must be between 5 and 30 minutes in length. Additional terms and conditions apply.

Any further inquiries, please email Abby (



Are you currently a student?
Are you an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident?
Which book would you like to adapt?
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