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Directed by Arvin Chen 陳駿霖 | 2010 | 85 mins | UNCL G

In Mandarin, with English subtitles | 中文發音,英文字幕

Awards 獎項

2010 Berlin International Film Festival — NETPAC 

第60屆柏林影展 — 最佳亞洲電影 奈派克獎


2010 Taipei Film Festival — Best New Talent

第12屆台北電影節 — 最佳新演員獎


2010 Melbourne International Film Festival


2010 Sydney Film Festival 



2010 Edinburgh International Film Festival



Director Arvin’s feature debut after the huge success of his short film MEI (2007). German New Wave master director Wim Wenders served as Executive Producer in this remarkable work of art. Set against the backdrop of Taipei's nightlife, the film follows the charming characters as they playfully chase each other between night markets, twisting alleyways, abandoned temples and more. 


Deeply attached to his girlfriend in Paris, Kai visits the bookstore every day to study French, yearning for a chance to reunite with her. To cover his travel expenses, Kai reluctantly agrees to assist a neighbourhood gangster with a mysterious delivery. Little does he know that this journey will quickly spiral into a night of unexpected chaos. Amidst the turmoil, Kai unexpectedly crosses paths with Susie, a staff member at the bookstore, whose presence takes the night on a new and unforeseen trajectory.




小凱(姚淳耀  飾)心繫遠在巴黎的女友,因此天天到書店翻閱法文書自學,希望早日與她重逢,也因此引起了值班店員 Susie(郭采潔 飾)的注意。答應協助黑道大哥送貨以換取旅費的條件,小凱遠行前夕再度巧遇 Susie,但同時也莫名受到黑白兩道追逐,臺北街頭的最奇妙,也最難忘的一夜就此開啟。


SYD: SUN 23 JULY | 11:00AM 

with Short Film THE WAY HOME《野薊》

MEL: SUN 30 JULY | 11:00AM

with Short Film THE WAY HOME《野薊》

About Arvin Chen 導演介紹


Arvin Chen is a talented writer and director who splits his time between Taipei and Los Angeles. Arvin’s feature films biography including AU REVOIR TAIPEI (2010), WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW (2013) and MAMA BOY (2022).His achievements at prestigious film festivals highlight his talent and contribute to his reputation as a promising filmmaker in the industry.


編劇與導演陳駿霖定居於台北與洛杉磯。於南加州大學電影製作碩士班(USC's School of Cinematic Arts)取得了碩士學位。陳導的首部電影作品《一頁台北》,該片在柏林影展上首映,並由知名導演文溫德斯(Wim Wenders)擔任執行製片人。《一頁台北》展現了陳駿霖在幽默和浪漫元素上的巧妙結合,引人入勝且令人愉悅。



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