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Australian Premiere 澳洲首映

Directed by Kai Ko 柯震東 | 2022 | 75 mins | UNCL 18+In Mandarin, with English subtitles | 中文發音,英文字幕

Awards 獎項

2022 Golden Horse Awards — Best Supporting Actor

第59屆金馬獎 — 最佳男配角


2023 Osaka Asian Film Festival — Most Promising Talent Award

第18屆大阪亞洲電影節 — 最具潛力創作者獎


2023 Hong Kong International Film Festival — Special Mention

第47屆香港國際電影節 — 新秀電影競、評審團特別提及獎


2023 Udine Far East Film Festival — Opening Film

第25屆義大利烏迪內遠東國際影展 — 開幕片


2023 New York Asian Film Festival 



In his directorial debut, acclaimed actor Kai Ko collaborates with Giddens Ko, the director of MISS SHAMPOO (TWFF, 2023), for the screenplay, and with Shieh Meng-Ju, the editor of DETENTION (TWFF, 2020), to bring forth a remarkable transformation of the film. Moving beyond dark humour, the film delves into the depths of human existence, exploring themes of brotherhood, reality, and society's darkest corners. Through their collective vision, the team crafts a thought-provoking narrative that challenges viewers and prompts them to question the intricacies of humanity.


On the night of their high school graduation, three juvenile delinquents gather at their usual hangout spot to bid farewell to their fleeting youth. In an effort to solidify their bond and maintain their so-called brotherhood, they make a pact to share their deepest and darkest secrets, ones that have remained hidden from everyone else. As the night progresses, the game of daredevilry they find themselves embroiled in takes unexpected and dangerous turns, revealing that the true test of their loyalty has only just begun.




三個高中剛畢業的不良少年混在一起,互相分享自己做過的「壞事」,夜路走多總會碰到鬼,哪知招惹到真正的「壞人」。在黑社會老大(戴立忍 飾)賜與的成年禮下,他們能手腳無缺地安全下莊,變得社會化成為更好的人嗎?或是更壞。


SYD: FRI 21 JULY | 5:30PM

with Short Film DISTANCE



MEL: FRI 28 JULY | 5:30PM

with Short Film BOYS ON THE BRIDGE



BNE: SUN 20 AUG | 1:00PM

with Short Film BOYS ON THE BRIDGE


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