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Competition Juries 短片競賽評審

Wang Yu-Xuan


Yu-Xuan, graduated in Theatre Directing at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing. Yu-Xuan is a promising Taiwanese actress who has been in various productions, including the celebrated music video of Accusefive’s “Where I Lost Us”, the short film Family Day (TWFF, 2021) and tv-series On Children - Episode Peacock. Her latest’s work, Goddamned Asura (2021), for which she received the accolade Best Supporting Actress at the 2021 Golden Horse Awards.

台灣新生代演員王渝萱,畢業於北京中央戲劇學院劇場導演系,參與多部影視作品如吿五人 [在這座城市遺失了你] 音樂錄影帶,在Youtube 擁有高過一千萬以上的觀賞率。2021年入圍了澳洲台灣影展的短片《溫馨家庭日》與Netflix與公視影集《你的孩子不是你的孩子_孔雀》,渝萱在戲中都擔任女主角角色,細膩驚悚的演出,都成功的將每部作品凸顯出角色的情緒,更在《該死的阿修羅》表演精湛,一舉拿下58屆金馬獎最佳女配角獎殊榮。

Photo Credit © Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee


Cheng Pinhung 鄭秉泓

Pinhung is an influential film critic from Taiwan, with a significant contribution to the Taiwanese cinema including the two publications: The Love and Death of Taiwan Cinema (2010) and Taiwan Cinema in Transition: In Search of True Taiwan Spirit (2019); Pinhung also has many years of experience working in the film festival industry.



Matthew Chuang

Matthew Chuang, born in Taiwan, is an Australian filmmaker, who has worked behind the camera for more than a decade and has been dedicated to the magical practice of bringing both his creative eye and adaptable processes to his projects, including My First Summer (2020) selected for Queer Screen Mardi Gras Film Festival, Blue Bayou (2021) premiered at Cannes Film Festival - Un Certain Regard, and his latest DoP work You Won’t Be Alone (2022) selected for Sundance Film Festival - World Dramatic Cinema Competition.

出生於台灣的澳洲人馬修(Matthew Chuang)擔任攝影指導,擁有一對美術的眼光,拍攝風格對於光影敏銳,絕對讓影人們看到讚嘆!拍攝作品多元且橫跨全球,如採用柯達16mm 底片拍攝 IKEA Poäng 廣告、Fractures - It's Alright 音樂錄影帶等多部作品集都時常入圍最佳攝影獎項。而在電影作品上包含2021年在坎城首映且入圍一種注目單的《藍色海灣》(Blue Bayou)、以及今年在日舞影展首映也入圍了全球劇情長片競賽的《 You Won’t Be Alone 》等佳作,都持續榮獲全球影視產業的肯定。

Short Film Competition Finalists 短片競賽入圍作品

Tank Fairy  《桶妝仙女》

Directed by Erich Rettstadt 雷利 | Taiwan, USA | 2021 | 10 mins | UNCL G

In Mandarin with English subtitles | 國語發音,英文字幕


One day Jojo’s house needs a gas tank replacement, and the service turns up with a magical tank fairy that blows Jojo and his mother’s minds. The humming song from the tank fairy stuck in Jojo’s head. Jojo decides to develop a style to go with the song but is rejected by society. What will Jojo do to overcome it?



In Their Teens 《度日》

Directed by Lin Yu-En 林佑恩 | Taiwan | 2021 | 40 mins | UNCL 15+

In Mandarin, Taiwanese with English subtitles | 國語與台語發音,英文字幕


Director Lin follows two brotherhoods’ rural lifestyles as they change from job to job in order to make a living; labour works during the day and burns the midnight oil. Both of them are just under the age of 20 but already on the path to starting a family and trying to pay off their massive debts. 





Directed by Ismail Fahmi Lubis | Indonesia | 2022 | 17 mins | UNCL G

In Indonesian, Taiwanese with English subtitles | 印尼語與國語發音,英文字幕


Tari, who is a migrant worker from Indonesia who has been working in Taiwan for more than 10 years, reveals the inequality, mistreatment and systemic misinformation towards the migrant worker community.

身為來自印尼居住在台灣超過十年已久的移工 Tari,透過親身體驗,訴說著台灣對於移工團體的不停等、不合法待遇與刻意誤導資訊等嚴重的社會問題。


Girl In The Water 《水中的女孩》

Directed by Huang Shi-Rou 黃詩柔 | Taiwan | 2021 | 7 mins | UNCL G

No dialogue and subtitles | 無台詞、無字幕

Soaking in the water, she got a cut from a mysterious boat. The scar is like the paint peeling off the wall, she tries to repair it as it keeps worsening, just like her relationship in the past.



Islander 《赤島》

Directed by Wu Zi-En 吳季恩 | Taiwan | 2021 | 24 mins | UNCL 15+

In Hakka, Taiwanese with English subtitles | 客語與台語發音,英文字幕

Under the new political power, Sammy’s father is taken to prison for being a political extremist. The grandfather decided to take Sammy to see his father one last time. Even in his final breath, he never stops protesting and shouting ‘don’t forget me!’