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HOW TO BOOK | 購票指南

How to book a film?


1. Click “Book Now” from the film page
2. Then click the “Rent” button from Vimeo page
3. Sign up a Vimeo account with an active email address
4. Enter billing info and press “Rent” button
Enjoy the film!

1. 於 影片頁面 點擊購買 "Book Now" 按鈕

2. 於 Vimeo 網站頁面 點擊租片 "Rent" 按鈕

3. 使用個人電子郵件信箱註冊一個新的 Vimeo 帳號

4. 填寫交易明細後按下租片 "Rent" 按鈕


How to use festival pass?


1. Choose one product from Festival Pass Page

2. Filling payment details and place the order

3. Click the "DOWNLOAD" on Thank You Page

4. Follow the instruction from the download file

5. Enter the login details on the link provided

Enjoy the film!

1. 於 套票組合頁面 選擇一項商品

2. 填寫交易明細並下單

3. 於 感謝交易頁面 點擊下載 "DOWNLOAD" 按鈕

4. 請按照下載文件的說明進行操作
5. 輸入下載文件中提供的網址並填寫登入資料


*If you can not process further at step #3, please also check your email inbox for the confirmation email.


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