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Australian Premiere 澳洲首映

Directed by Giddens Ko 九把刀 | 2023 | 120 mins | UNCL 15+

In Mandarin, with English subtitles | 中文發音,英文字幕

Awards 獎項

2023 Taipei Film Festival - Opening Night 

第25屆台北電影節 — 開幕片


2023 New York Asian Film Festival 



By the director of TILL WE MEET AGAIN (2021), Giddens Ko returns with another whimsical love story adapted from his short story novel Precisely Out of Control. Starring award-winning actress Vivian Sung (NINA WU, 2019), musician/rapper Daniel Hong, and Kai Ko (MONEYBOY, 2021), with their captivating performance in this romantic comedy MISS SHAMPOO, it will amplify your love potion and get ready to fall in love all over again. 


Set against the backdrop of a stormy night, the paths of A-Fen, a trainee hairdresser, and A-Tai, a charismatic gang leader, intertwine unexpectedly through a fateful accident. A-Tai becomes captivated by A-Fen's kindness and is determined to ensure her success. However, burdened by the pressures of his brotherhood, A-Tai finds himself entangled in a quest to uncover the truth behind their boss's murder. Caught between these two contrasting worlds, A-Tai faces a profound dilemma—can he find solace and trust both in A-Fen's embrace and within the confines of his brotherhood?




在一場風雨交加的老派夜晚,泰哥(春風 飾)在黑道火拼裡身受重傷,躲進洗頭妹阿芬(宋芸樺 飾)的理髮廳,兩人的命運在這場意外下交錯。為了報答阿芬,泰哥決心為她竭盡全力拼事業;同時,在幫派兄弟的壓力下, 泰哥必須揭發謀殺老大的兇手。處在兩個截然不同世界的夾縫中,在愛情與復仇之間,泰哥要如何求全,找回阿芬與兄弟們的信任?


SYD: THU 20 JULY | 7:00PM

with Q&A


MEL: SUN 30 JULY | 7:30PM

with Short Film DISTANCE《心之所在》


HBA: SAT 5 AUG | 12:45PM


CBR: SAT 12 AUG | 1:00PM

with Short Film DISTANCE《心之所在》


BNE: SAT 19 AUG | 1:00PM

with Short Film DISTANCE《心之所在》

About Giddens Ko 導演介紹


One of the bestselling authors in Taiwan in the 21st century, Giddens Ko has written a total of 86 novels, making him one of the most prolific and admired writers among Taiwanese readers. Due to the richness and diversity in Ko's writing style, ranging from romance, fantasy, detective, and adventure to dark horror series, he employs unique techniques to portray the fates and adventures of the protagonists in his books. This distinctive approach has garnered a loyal following of readers who eagerly follow Ko's creative journey.


MISS SHAMPOO is an adaptation of Giddens Ko's novel Precisely Out of Control. It not only represents a fresh and unique romantic comedy by Giddens Ko but also showcases his cinematic charm reaching new heights!



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