The story behind the design《島嶼的時空角落》

The story behind the design: The island's corners through time and space.

As we search through those little corner spots in Taiwan, many iconic items often being overlooked or forgotten, and sometimes even being described as ugly. Such as tinhouse, posters on the telephone pole, plastic chair and pipes, they are all crucial items in every household in Taiwan. To combine all of them, we use an explosive art form to express those items exist in all time and spaces. To use those items as the key vision, we want to put a spotlight on them and create a sense of illusion but at the same time familiarity. And of course, this correlated to this year's film festival program which shines a spotlight on many forgotten people and storytelling from Taiwan.

There are two theme colours in the design, the orange and greyish dark represent sunset and sunrise. But the orange is also a metaphor for the traditional Taiwanese cultures like wedding and banquet. The greyish dark symbolises the mysterious and mischievous atmosphere, like the nightlife and night market. After you watch the films in this year program and come back to look at the poster again, it will certainly give you a different vibe and meaning.


探尋那些充斥著島嶼各個日常角落,卻一直被忽視,遺忘或甚至視為『醜』的物件與材質,如鐵皮屋,電線竿廣告標語,粉紅色塑膠椅,水管等等,以爆炸圖的方式呈現,彷彿是由另一次元的時空一併傾瀉而出,而讓這些物件在這次的主視覺當中成為在鎂光燈下的要角,一起構築成一幅奇幻卻又莫名熟悉的畫面,並與本年度影展主題相互輝映。也猶如觀賞電影的當下,隨著劇情一起遁入一個與現實生活有一段距離的意識空間。 色彩運用分為辦桌紅與宵夜黑分別表達島嶼的晝夜交替,讓整體設計多了一個『時間』之元素。紅色靈感來自於台灣傳統辦桌宴席的大紅桌,傳統的熱鬧喜氣,宵夜版帶出午夜的詭譎奇幻氛圍。

Designers: Ariel Tsai & Nancy Lee

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