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Freddy Lim from Taiwanese Metal Band Chthonic

In Japan, there is Baby Metal. In American, there is Lamb of God. In Taiwan, we have Chthonic and they have just released their 8th album this month, "Battlefields of Asura" in both English and Taiwanese versions available on iTunes and Spotify. Singer Freddy Lim recently was in the film Tshiong (meaning rebellious or brash, 2017) that combines some of the recent political events in Taiwan with the metal band Chthonic featured in it. In 2018, Metal Politics Taiwan director by German documentary filmmaker Marco Wilms that follows through Freedy's journey from heavy metal singer to politician and his party "New Power Party" in Taiwan. wow!

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Chthonic- Battlefields of Asura

Tshiong (2017):

Metal Politics Taiwan (2018):

日本有Baby Metal,美國有上帝羔羊 (Lamb of God),而台灣則有閃靈!


主唱林昶佐(Freddy) 於2016年選上第9屆立法委員後,2017年出演了電影《衝組》,2018年與德國導演魏姆斯合作紀錄片《台灣政治重金屬》。

期待在2019 年能在澳洲看到閃靈的演唱會喔!


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