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Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Films that you never get the chance to see in Sydney, now you can! Our friend Half Symbolic is bringing you a brand new film program Spotlight on Asia, to Event Cinemas George St starting this December.

Spotlight on Asia focuses on the powerful, compelling and diverse cinematic films from the Asia Pacific. Storytelling that sometimes can be categories as perilous, influential or even poetic. Films that never get to play on the big screen even there are more than 50 film festivals in Australia. This shows the lack of Asia Pacific diverse representation in Australia.

Spotlight on Asia is passionated to change that environment and culture, by selecting films from all over Asia includes Thailand, South Korea, Japan and more. And to screen one film per month at Event Cinema George St.

終於在雪梨可以有機會看到更多亞洲電影嘍!感謝 Half Symbolic 與Event Cinemas George St 合作,全新戲院電影節目《亞洲之窗 Spotlight on Asia》,每個月將放映一部來自亞太的作品,播放的電影多部入圍了許多世界級的國際影展。

雪梨每年有五十多個影展,在這龐大的數字底下,城市中卻嚴重缺乏亞太多元電影文化的表現。《亞洲之窗Spotlight on Asia》期望改變這現狀,把更多來自亞太電影包跨泰國、香港、韓國等帶入雪梨。讓雪梨更多元化,且創立出一個平台讓亞太電影的佳作被注重與欣賞的機會!

《亞洲之窗 Spotlight on Asia》宗旨為多元故事、藝術源線、電影美學和真實社會與文化的展現,表現出亞太地區的電影文學、風格和技術。

The Program of Spotlight on Asia includes:


2019 December Screening: Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters

A fantastic 4K restoration of this masterpiece Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters 《ミシマ:ア・ライフ・イン・フォー・チャプターズ》from Japan. This unique biopic portrays the infamous last day of celebrated novelist Yukio Mishima (played by Ken Ogata). Director Paul Schrader and his Japanese-American crew created a visually stunning masterpiece which matches the devastating beauty of Mishima’s prose. Now a day, this film is still banned in Japan due to various reasons.

Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters 《ミシマ:ア・ライフ・イン・フォー・チャプターズ》 won Best Artistic Contribution at Cannes Film Festival and nominated for the Palme d'Or in 1985.


2020 February Screening: First Night Nerves

Starring Cantopop stars Sammi Cheng and Gigi Leung First Night Nerves《八個女人一台戲》from Hong Kong. A fun, feisty female-centred representation that tells the story from two stars fighting over their ego at the same theatre production. Director Stanley Kwan's attentive tension to the detail and style of the whole stage are just breathtaking. To make the film more convincing, First Night Nerves has an animated supporting cast including Baihe Bai, Xi Qi, Catherine Chau, Kwok-Leung Kam and more.


2020 March Screening: Ten Years Thailand

Selected into Cannes 2018 with Palme d’Or winner Director Apichatpong Weerasethakul headlined the team of Ten Years Thailand《十年泰國》. An anthology of four short films on how the future of Thailand will become with the continuous ruling of the authoritarian government. Each work is presenting with different futuristic visions ranging from black-and-white drama to neon-bathed sci-fi.

Ten Years Thailand is the Offical Selection at Cannes Film Festival, Golden Horse Film Festival and Busan International Film Festival in 2018. And nominated for Jury Awards at CAAMFEST in 2019.

The four chapters are:

- Sunset by Aditya Assarat

- Catopia by Wisit Sasanatieng

- Planetarium by Chulayarnnon Siriphol

- Song of the City by Apichatpong Weerasethakul


Watch Ten Years Thailand Q&A 《十年泰國》映後座談

2020 April Screening: Fukuoka

Award-winning Korean-Chinese director Lu Zhang's latest work Fukuoka 《후쿠오카》is a charming slice-of-life film with a dash of magic. With stunning casts includes So-dam Park from Parasite, Je-moon Yoon from Okja, and Hae-hyo Kwon from Mother. What is going to happen when you reconnect with your old school mate after 28 years. Is Je-moon the magnate to pull them all together or apart?

Fukuoka is the Offical Selection (Panorama) at Berlinale and Taipei Film Festival 2019.

榮獲多項國際影展大獎的韓中導演張律,橫跨韓國與日本的新作《福岡》,入圍柏林影展與台北電影節。由韓國演員尹宰文、權海驍主演,相伴出國跨海前往日本福岡。導演張律第一部短片作品《11 歲》就入圍了維尼斯影展,陸續許多作品也入圍台北電影節、盧卡諾影展、坎城影展等。

「《福岡》這部影像風格和情節設定清透如水的電影,帶來一股虛虛實實延展至銀幕外,宛如醇酒般的後勁。」- 台北電影節

2020 May Screening: Fish Park

Fish Park 《鱼乐园》from China, follows the lives of three listless drifters living between hutongs (alleyways) and half-demolished houses in Beijing. Dubbed as the dark horse of Chinese cinema, debut feature filmmaker Xiaoyu Chai captures humour in the banalities of everyday life in this charming low-budget mumblecore film.

Fish Park won the Spirit of Freedom Award at First International Film Festival 2019.


Adult/ Concession/ Student 15AUD

Written by Margarett Cortez and Benson Wu.


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