Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2018 金馬影展精彩回顧

We are honoured to be able to attend the 2018 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival (TGHFF), which took place from the 8/11/ to 25/11. We got to meet the director Yue Fu from Our Youth in Taiwan, which won the Best Documentary this year at the 2018 Taipei Film Festival and Golden Horse Film Festival.


Director Yue Fu from Our Youth in Taiwan

After the success of Ten Years (Hong Kong, 2016), five directors (Jevons Au, Kwun Wai Chow, Zune Kwok, Fei Pang Wong, and Ka Leung NG) with their own works that tells the perspective of Hong Kong in 2025. In 2018, the Ten Years studio took it further to expand the projects and created Ten Years Taiwan, Ten Years Japan, and Ten Years Thailand. Ten Years Taiwan's 5 directors are Kek Huat Lau, Rina Tsou, Pei Ju Hsieh, Sumi Cilangasan Lekal, and Po Shun Lu.

Golden Horse Academy Graduation Ceremony. With Academy Dean Hsiao-Hsien Hou attended to make a speech for the students and presented the graduation certificates. This year's academy works include Minus (2018) with mentor Hsin-Yao Huang (The Great Buddha+) and Upstairs Downstairs (2018) with mentor Hsiu-Chiung Chiang (The Furthest End Awaits).

2018 NETPAC (Network for Promotion of Asian Cinema) Award, with 9 selections includes Dad's Suit (Taiwan, 2018) and Room Laundering (Japan, 2018). The winner goes to With All My Hypothalamus (Phillipines, 2018) directed by Dwein Baltazar. The award was presented by Ang Lee at the ceremony.

Golden Horse Academy Dean Hsiao-Hsien Hou (left), Chief Administrator Ching-Song Liao (right)

Director Dwein Baltazar (middle), Ang Lee (left)

Some special events that we got to attend includes the HTC VR Night, Mandarin Vision Night, the 2018 Golden Horse Awards, and meet the Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year Saburo Liu and talk about lens focus and manual focus technique. Seriously, it was a really awesome conversation. We should have recorded it for you all to hear.

Mandarin Vision Night with Director Hsin-Yao Huang (The Great Buddha+)

Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year Saburo Liu

Lots of great Taiwanese films in 2018, we can't wait to showcase them in Sydney in 2019. Stay tuned!

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World Premiere: The Devil Fish (Photo Credit: TGHFF)






Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival CEO Tien-Hsiang Wen

Taiwan Film Festival Board Member Philip King



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Golden Horse Academy Graduation Ceremony

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