The Devil Fish 《人面魚》:《紅衣小女孩》前傳

It's here! The Devil Fish, from the team of The Tag Along, a prequel of The Tag Along that takes you back 10 years ago before what happen to the 'little girl in red'.

Remember the ending from The Tag Along 2 when the Master Tiger looked out the window and said, "why are there so many demons in the mountain?" That's right, the prequel simply based on that line and take you back from 2017 to 2007. Not only we get to see when the Master Tiger as a kid, but also the Mother of the 'little girl in red' before she was hunted by her demon.

The Devil Fish, directed by David Chuang, starring actress and singer Vivian Hsu (whom actually collaborate with Jay Chou quite a few times) and awards nominator Jen Shuo Cheng (whom has been featured in a lot of Taiwanese films lately includes The Island That All Flow By, Gatao 2, and Thanatos, Drunk).

Taiwan Film Festival will be attending the World Premiere of The Devil Fish at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival this November. We look forward to sharing more information with you after the screening. Perhaps you might be able to catch this film at Taiwan Film Festival 2019? Haha






亞洲強片齊聚金馬影展!《人面魚 紅衣小女孩外傳》世界首映