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OPENING NIGHT: Ohong Village


Director Lung-Yin Lim 林龍吟 | 2019 | 91 mins | All Ageswith English and Mandarin subtitles 含中英文字幕


2019 Jeonju International Film Festival - International  Competition全州影展 - 國際競賽片

2019 Taipei Film Festival - Nominated for Best Actor第21屆台北電影節 - 入圍最佳男主角 

Set in the remote southwest of Taiwan, Director Lung-Yin Lim's stunning debut explores greed, desire and pride through the intertwined lives of three men.Sheng-Ji returns to the small oyster-farming village where he grew up after an unsuccessful stint in the big city. Determined not to lose face, he reinvents himself as a self-made urbanite. Sheng-Ji’s new persona alienates his father, a simple oyster farmer, but attracts an ally in Kudo, a childhood friend who dreams of life beyond the village. Beautifully shot in 16mm, Lim uses captivating scenery as a stark contrast to the toxic myth of urban success. 

《蚵豐村》全程以16釐米底片拍攝,故事圍繞台灣西南部的濱海蚵村為主軸,透過台灣民間信仰與習俗,刻畫出小鎮上人們壓抑的價值觀。 北漂多年的盛吉,近日看似光榮返鄉回到日漸下沉的蚵村。受到村裡輿論及目光的關注,卻揭開了與父親順民(喜翔 飾)的緊繃關係。兒時玩伴昆男卻因其顯露的風光成功姿態,想藉此攀附合夥創業。層層交錯夾雜的人生選擇,到底哪些是真實? 哪些是謊言? 三人的命運相互牽連著各自人生道路的抉擇與轉變。林龍吟導演首部長片佳作,透過台灣傳統信仰、文化、與名間習俗,完整的展現出現代人對於信仰與價值觀的壓抑。



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