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Director C.B.Yi 陳熠霖 | 2021 | 120 mins | UNCL 18+ | Austria, France, Taiwan, Belgium | with English subtitle

Awards 獎項

2021 Cannes Film Festival - Un Certain Regard 

第74屆坎城電影節 - 「一種注目」競賽單元


2021 Cannes Film Festival - Nominated for Caméra d'Or 

第74屆坎城電影節 - 入圍金棕攝影機獎


2021 Cannes Film Festival - Nominated for Queer Palm 

第74屆坎城電影節 - 入圍酷兒金棕櫚獎

2021 Golden Horse Awards - Nominated for Best New Director 

​第五十八屆金馬獎 - 入圍最佳新導演


Director C.B Yi's debut feature, nominated for multiple categories at Cannes, is a phenomenal and elegant portrait of men's desire, hope, and greed. Starring award-winning actors Ko Chen-Tung (The Road to Mandalay) and J.C. Lin (The Scoundrels, TWFF 2019). 


Fei works as an illegal hustler in the big city to support his family in a small village. It all seems opulent but melancholy inside his head, as if there is a burden troubling him. His dream crumples down when his family accepts his money but not his homosexuality. 




來自鄉村的年輕人阿飛(柯震東 飾),獨自一人來到城市,從事性工作賺錢撫養家人。看似富貴如華的阿飛,內心卻存活在膽怯、恐懼與羞恥的約束之下。阿飛與同行的前輩曉來(林哲熹 飾)成為戀人,但在一場意外後斷了音訊;時隔五年,同事紛紛出於家庭與社會壓力而離開,唯有阿飛選擇留在城市與同鄉男友龍(白宇帆 飾)繼續打拼,卻與已結婚生子的曉來不期而遇.....

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