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Directors Lau Kek-Huat 廖克發,  Vera Chen 陳雪甄 | 2019 | 108 mins | UNCL 15+

Awards 獎項


2019 Busan International Film Festival - Nominated for New Currents Award

第24屆釜山國際影展 - 新潮流競賽單元

2019 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival - Nominated for Best New Director 

第56屆金馬獎 - 入圍最佳新導演

Nominated for the New Currents Award at Busan International Film Festival 2019 and Best New Director at Golden Horse Film Festival 2019, Lau Kek-Huat’s debut feature Boluomi takes on an astonishing angle and style to portray Malaysia's forbidden history and Taiwan’s immigrant society. 


Decades ago the Malayan Communist Party fought guerilla wars in the jungle, prompting villagers to send newborns to other villages for a better future. Boluomi was one of those babies. Years later, his estranged son Yi-Fan flees to Taiwan due to racial discrimination in Malaysia. Yi-Fan finds a sense of belonging through a fellow immigrant, Laila. As he falls in love he also starts to piece together memories of his father, and eventually, his own identity.




故事追溯到半世紀前,馬來西亞共產黨為了爭取獨立在森林裡展開游擊戰,使得新生兒唯有被送出森林才能改變命運。無法抹滅的歷史讓許多馬來西亞人都有顛沛流離的記憶。時光流轉至今,僑生一凡(吳念軒 飾)從馬來西亞到台灣求學,萊拉(Laila Ulao 飾)為了菲律賓家人生計而到台灣工作,兩個異鄉人猶如兩株浮萍,因菠蘿密使他們找到了依靠,但卻未因此改變雙方在台的命運。

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