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Competition Jury 短片競賽評審

Maya Newell

Maya Newell is the director and producer of landmark documentaries In My Blood It Runs (2019) and Gaby Baby (2015), garnering wide acclaim at festivals such as Hot Docs, London Film Festival, Doc NYC, Taiwan International Queer Film Festival and more.

“I've always been driven by the desire for social change. I think to be a good filmmaker, it’s important to be acutely aware of the world around you and to be clear about what you want to say” - Maya Newell, UTS Alumni

作品著重於社會變遷與平等議題, 2015年作品《Gayby Baby》紀錄同性家庭小孩的成長過程。2019年最新作品《In My Blood It Runs》透過當地原住民小孩的觀點來訴說原住民的生活與文化 。作品曾入圍多項國際影展的肯定,如加拿大國際紀錄片影展、紐約紀錄片影展、倫敦影展和雪梨影展等。


Sally Wu吳郁瑩

Sally Wu (also known professionally as Wu Yu-Ying) studied media and advertising before transitioning into documentary film editing. She was the editor for American director David Sutherland’s Country Boys (2006) and Marcos Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (2019). She was the co-editor for HBO’s Run Granny Run (2007) which won the Audience Award at SXSW. The Good Daughter is her debut feature documentary.

“I am an immigrant like Azhe. She immigrated from Vietnam to Taiwan and me from Taiwan to the United States. We both experience the displacement and identity conflict that all global immigrants face.” – Sally Wu.  

首部長片作品《阿紫》雙料入選金馬獎和台北電影節最佳紀錄片。過去擔任剪接師,與美國導演David Sutherland合作五年,製作美國公共電視Frontline影集《Country Boys》。2007年擔任共同剪接職位的HBO作品《阿嬤候選人》,獲得SXSW國際影展的觀眾票選獎。陸續幾年也與David Sutherland合作許多作品如《摩梭姐妹》和《Marcos Doesn’t Live Here Anymore》。


Hsiao Ya-Chuan蕭雅全

Founder of BIT Production in Taiwan, he works on various commercials, short films and music videos. He’s also known for writing all his screenplays, informed by different life experiences and unique perspectives of the world.“No one else will help you tell the stories about your countries, nor your parents’ stories. To tell, to record, to keep all rely on your own creativity and responsibility” – Hsiao Ya-Chuan 




Directors Etsen Chen, Nuhash Humayun, Kawakibi Muttaqien, Wang Xixi


A high school kid is bullied for putting lipstick on himself in a bathroom. As he dries his clothes in the laundry, he meets a mysterious girl.




Be Shit or Not To Be《洛西・布拉西》

Directors Chen Kuan-Chung 陳冠仲

As if the film set isn’t chaotic enough, a young director’s cast and producers are forcing him to change his script. Will he let the pressure turn his action spy film into a zombie apocalypse flick? 





Directors Robby Sun 孫悅慈

Taxi driver A-Tien starts a union to fight against a corporate giant that’s stealing his customers. He slowly finds out that the union members have started joining the enemy one by one.





Directors Chang Chun-Yu 張均瑜, Hong Gao 洪德高

Zhang Ya-Ting wants to switch to a gender neutral name. She goes to her best friend Hong Jia-Hao but interrupts him in the middle of hooking up with someone from a dating app.



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