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Fish Memories-1.jpg

Directed by Chen Hung-Yi 陳宏一 | 2023 | 117 mins | UNCL 18+

In Mandarin, with Chinese and English subtitles



Awards 獎項

2024 Taipei Film Award — Nominated for the Best Actor, Best Art Design, and Best Photography

第26屆台北電影獎 — 入圍最佳男主角、最佳美術設計、最佳攝影獎


2023 Taipei Golden Horse Awards — Nominated for the Best Photography   

第60屆金馬獎 — 入圍最佳攝影獎


From the director of The Last Painting (2017) and As We Like It (2020), Chen Hung-I returns with yet another creative and poetic masterpiece that redefines the essence of Taiwanese cinema and storytelling.

With its unbridled creativity and unique monochromatic palette, the film unveils an ethereal portrait of a clandestine world woven with deceit and betrayal. What begins as a casual encounter between the three soon descends into a darker odyssey of enigmatic secrets, moulding the destinies of each protagonist.

A wealthy businessman, Zi Jie, serendipitously meets Shang, a young store clerk, at a convenience store. This encounter profoundly alters Zi Jie's life, exposing him to the seductive allure of youthful vigour and liberation. Soon thereafter, Shang's girlfriend joins their circle, blurring the boundaries between love and friendship within the trio.




SYD: SUN 28 JUL | 5:00 pm

MEL: SUN 8 SEP | 4:45 pm


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