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Australian Premiere 澳洲首映



Directed by Lou Yi-An 樓一安 | 2021 | 114 mins | UNCL 18+

In Mandarin, with English subtitles | 中文發音,英文字幕

Awards 獎項

2022 Taipei Film Awards – Nominated for Best Narrative Feature, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor and Actress, Best Editing, Best Music and Best Makeup & Costume Design 

第24屆 台北電影獎 – 入圍最佳劇情長片、最佳導演、最佳編劇、最佳男配角與女配角、最佳剪輯、最佳配樂、最佳造型設計


2021 Golden Horse Awards – Best Supporting Actress, nominated for Best Original Script and Best New Performer 

第58屆 金馬獎 –  榮獲最佳女配角,入圍最佳原著劇本與最佳新演員


Co-scriptors of GOD MAN DOG (2007), Lou Yi-An and Singing Chen team up again to create this brand new masterpiece that tackles the debates of good and evil in human nature’s and personal choices in life. Each chapter is crafted with details to unveil the characters’ interconnected relationships in different times and universes. 


In a crowded night market, Jan-Wen, a young man who just turned 18, commits a crime resulting in the death of a well-known online gaming broadcaster. The people around Jan-Wen’s start to pay attention to the investigation and understand his motives. What if the clock was turned back and Jan-Wen wasn’t the one who killed the civilian? 




熱愛動漫的高中生詹文(黃聖球 飾),創作和志向得不到父母的支持,即使有好友阿興(潘綱大 飾)陪伴,壓抑之下歪念陡生,某晚在一個擁擠的夜市中引發騷亂。現場被波及的人包括遊戲實況主播小盛(賴澔哲 飾),連帶讓他們身邊許多的人一同被捲入此事件。諸人的後續行動是彌補現實還是渴望重來?是註定好的命運還是自由意志導致的結果?究竟孰善孰惡?



SYD | THU 28 JULY 6.45PM + Q&A 

MEL | SUN 31 JULY 3.40PM + Q&A

With Short Film ISLANDER 《赤島》

BRN | SUN 7 AUG 12.30PM

With Short Film HOMEBOUND

CAN | SAT 13 AUG 10.30AM

With Short Film GIRL IN THE WATER《水中的女孩》

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