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In Conversation with Wu Ming-Yi’s The Stolen Bicycle 

台灣書櫃- 與作家吳明益和譯者石岱崙談《單車失竊記》


17 July Saturday 2-3pm Online Q&A 

7月17日 週六 下午兩點至三點 線上Q&A

Due to the COVID outbreak, this event will be online instead at State Library of NSW. 


This event will run in bilingual (Mandarin and English).



Guest Speaker: Wu Ming-Yi 



Wu Ming-Yi, a highly acclaimed Taiwanese author and professor of Sinophone literature, who is an enthusiast of painting, photography, and environmental issues. Wu's first two novels, Routes in the Dream (2007) and The Man with the Compound Eyes (2011), have been translated into multiple languages. Wu received multiple awards and prizes from his works including the Prix du livre insulaire award and listed among the best Chinese Fiction Books of the Last Century by Time Out Beijing. Wu’s third novel, The Stolen Bicycle (2015), won the Taiwan Literary Award in 2015 and was longlisted for the Man Booker prize in 2018. The Stolen Bicycle depicts stories through uncovering historical memories, cultures, society, and ecology of Taiwan. 


In 2021, director Yang Ya-Che (The Bold, The Corrupt and The Beautiful and Girlfriend Boyfriend) adapted Wu’s collection of short stories, The Magician on The Skyway, into a TV series. This prominent TV series received praises from both local and overseas critics for its vanguard style of visual productions and story-telling presentation. 


吳明益為台灣知名小說作家,創作散文與短篇小說,同時熱愛繪畫、攝影,和自然生態。作品被翻譯為多國譯本,其中《複眼人》更榮獲多項國際文學大獎如法國島嶼文學獎(Prix du livre insulaire)小說類大獎,更被《Time Out Beijing 》列入百年來最佳中文小說之一。吳明益在2015年出版了第三部長篇小說《單車失竊記》,更在2018入圍曼布克獎初選,成為第一個入圍該獎的台灣作家,《單車失竊記》透過許多不同的人事物,梳理這片土地的文學、生態、社會與歷史。2021年出品的電視劇集《天橋上的魔術師》,改編自吳明益2010年出版的同名短篇小說,由《血觀音》與《女朋友・男朋友》的導演楊雅喆執導。


Guest Speaker: Darryl Sterk 



Darryl Sterk holds a Ph.D. in Taiwanese literature and film from the University of Toronto and currently teaches at Hong Kong Ling-Nan University in the department of translation. Sterk is interested in Taiwan’s indigenous language, especially the Seediq language. He has completed a lengthy study on the Mandarin-Seediq translation of the screenplay of Wei Te-Sheng’s film Warriors of The Rainbow: Seediq Bale (2011). His notable works include translations of The Man With The Compound Eyes and The Stolen Bicycle both by Wu Ming-Yi.


石岱崙(Darryl Sterk)擁有多倫多大學博士學位,目前任教於香港嶺南大學教授翻譯學,並研究華語和台灣本土語言如賽德克語之間的翻譯。起先因魏德聖導演的《賽德克‧巴萊》,使他對賽德克語產生興趣,並進一步進行許多華語和賽德克語翻譯學的研究。石岱崙同時也是一位專業翻譯家,曾翻譯多本台灣長篇小說,包括吳明益的《複眼人》和《單車失竊記》。


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