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Australian Premiere 澳洲首映

Directed by Lee Yi-Fang 李怡芳 | 2022 | 97 mins | UNCL 18+

In Mandarin, with English subtitles | 中文發音,英文字幕

Awards 獎項

2022 Busan International Film Festival — Window on Asian Cinema 

第27屆釜山國際影展 — 亞洲之窗單元


2022 Taipei Film Festival — International Competition

第24屆台北電影節 — 國際新導演競賽單元


2022 Kaohsiung Film Festival 



2023 Taiwan Film Critics Society  — Best Actress 

第4屆台灣影評人協會獎 — 最佳女演員


Director Lee Yi-Fang's directorial debut feature, LITTLE BLUE, with her daring artistic vision and astonishing female gaze, unravels the female's sexual desires. By challenging the taboo representation imposed by a male-dominated society, the film raises significant awareness about the mental and physical harm that continues to persist in today's world.


After experiencing an unprecedented and unpleasant incident caused by her classmates, Xiao-Lan embarks on a transformative journey of self-discovery through a dating app, delving into her sexual desires. As she explores this realm, the game of exploration takes an unexpected turn, becoming a catalyst for a profound wake-up call. Xiao-Lan is compelled to justify her actions and face herself, leading to an epiphany. Only through this pain can she experience true metamorphosis and a real awakening.




乍看文靜的國中少女小藍(王渝萱 飾)藏著一顆叛逆的心,在和壞壞男同學五秒(葉廷麒 飾)發生關係以後,她的世界——還有她看世界的方式——天搖地動了,她試圖透過網路交友重新定位自我;同時,與小藍相依為命、從事房仲的媽媽,和客戶也發生了不可言明的交流。一對母女,兩個寂寞的靈魂,能在感情上找到出路,並自我賦權救贖嗎?


SYD: SUN 23 JULY | 4:30PM

with Short Film  DUET《二重奏》

MEL: SUN 30 JULY | 4:30PM

with Short Film DUET《二重奏》

HBA: SUN 6 AUG | 12:45PM

with Short Film DUET《二重奏》

CBR: SUN 13 AUG | 3:45PM

with Q&A

BNE: SAT 19 AUG | 3:45PM

with Q&A

About Lee Yi-Fang 導演介紹


Lee Yi-Fang is a talented filmmaker who pursued her passion for film after completing her studies in Foreign Languages at National Taiwan University. She further honed her skills by obtaining a Master's degree in Film/TV from the University of Edinburgh. Her first feature film, LITTLE BLUE, which had its international premiere at the prestigious Busan International Film Festival.



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