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Submissions Now Open for 2022 Taiwan Film Festival in Australia 《第五屆》澳洲台灣影展 開放徵件

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

The 5th Taiwan Film Festival in Australia will take place from 28 July to 13 August 2022 in Australia.

Festival Program Categories - Features from Taiwan (longer than 60 minutes) 長片單元「台灣拍攝」

- Features by Taiwanese (longer than 60 minutes) 長片單元「台灣人海外拍攝」 - Short Film Competition (less than 60 minutes) (短片競賽單元)

Awards & Prizes

- Best Short Film, Award Prize of 1000AUD cash 最佳短片 獎金一千澳幣

- Audience Award for Best Feature 觀眾票選最佳長片

- Audience Award for Best Short Film 觀眾票選最佳短片

SubSubmissions Now Open for 2022 Taiwan Film Festival in Australiamission Terms and Conditions

- 50% of the film is filmed in Taiwan for the Features from Taiwan category.

- Must have at least one person identify as Taiwanese in the cast or in the production team for the Features by Taiwanese category.

- Must have at least one Asian representation in the cast or in the production team from Australia or Taiwan for the Short Film Competition.

- The Features category is not a competition.

- Feature film must be completed after Dec 2019, and Short Film must be completed after Dec 2020.

- Must have English subtitles, including the trailer.

- Must not be works-in-progress or rough cuts.

- All genres include feature films, documentaries, experimental films and animations, are all welcome to submit.

- All films must be submitted before 1 March 2022.

- Online Screener with a secure password or high-resolution file is highly preferred.

- Submission fee must be made in AUD as collected by FilmFreeway.

Selected Films Must Provide

- Poster and film stills (300 dpi & 3-5 photos)

- Trailer (with and without English subtitle)

- Feature film must provide DCP hard drive or DCP formate download link.

Dispatch of the Prints of Selected Films

- DCP shipment information will follow upon acceptance of the film.

- The Festival will pay for round trip transportation of the print. However, if the print is to be sent to another festival, the receiver should cover the charges.

- All prints will be returned within four weeks after the festival. If the film has to be returned to another address, this has to be marked on the application form as well as the desired date of arrival at the return address.


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