Taiwan Film Festival 2018 Best Short Film Award

🎊Congratulation to 伊菲基妮亞之夜 Iphigenia's Night for winning the Best Short Film at Taiwan Film Festival 2018. It was a hard decision to pick from all the 50 submissions and 4 outstanding finalists that we got to play during the festival. It's been an honour to be able to watch those short films, thanks for all your hard work and time. We look forward to the next short films selection in 2019!

恭喜文二北投導演的短片《 伊菲基妮亞之夜 Iphigenia's Night》獲得第一屆《雪梨台灣影展》短片競賽的大贏家!🏆 今年的短片競賽,由50部競賽作品中,篩選到最後入圍的4部短片,並於影展期間播放,獲得熱烈迴響。 感謝大家熱情的報名參與今年的短片競賽,讓我們一起期待2019年《雪梨台灣影展》的短片系列吧!

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《雪梨台灣影展》2018 短片競賽,入圍的四部作品包含:

The 4 finalist in the 2018 Short Film Competition includes:

Back 《回神》directed by 吳德淳De-Chuen Wu

Dragon 《龍九子》Nine directed by 張夙祁 Ferris Chang

Iphigenia's Night 《伊菲基妮亞之夜》directed by 文二北投 Albert VENTURA

Mother 《母親》directed by 吳佳蓉 Dale Wu