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Golden Horse Film Academy Short Films 金馬電影學院短片

After Death《滿七》

2020 | 29 mins | UNCL G

Australian Premiere 澳洲首映

FA Talents: Galilee Ma, Lee I-hui, Chen Yi-Kai, Aw See-Wee, Qian Ning, Lo Chen-Wen, Liu Shih-Wen, Chung Ai



Cast: Patty Lee, Chuang Yi-Tseng



Mentor: John Hsu


‘49 days after death’ is a tradition of Buddhism that the family mourns and has a ritual for their lost one, with prayers conducted every 7 days, for 7 weeks. Ji-Hong and his family perform the last ritual for his deceased wife, when a mysterious event happened——her bedroom door is locked. He believes it’s his wife’s spirit trapped within. During this ordeal, he also struggles to connect with their daughter, who is experiencing excruciating period pain.




Growing Pains《少年阿堯》

Director Lin Po-Yu 林柏瑜 | 2020 | 25 mins | UNCL G

Australian Premiere 澳洲首映


2020 Hawaii International Film Festival - Short Film Competition Best Actor 

第40屆夏威夷國際影展 最佳男演員獎


2020 First International Film Festival - Official Competition 

第14屆 西寧FIRST青年電影展 正式競賽


2020 Boston Asian American Film Festival - Official Competition 

第12屆 波士頓亞美影展 正式競賽


Yao, a boy in a high school track and field team with worn-out shoes. All he wanted was a pair of brand new shoes to help him run faster and not be sneered by his classmates. Only if the family hit the jackpot and things would be different..




Family Day《溫馨家庭日》

Director Leong Siew-Hong 梁秀紅 | 2021 | 25 mins | UNCL G

Australian Premiere 澳洲首映


A society where mass surveillance is conducted and every citizen is implanted with an identity chip——anyone who is against it will be treated as a rioter and get taken away. Rong accidentally sees her mother in the riot archive footage and starts questioning the mother’s disappearance. She takes the family to their holiday house, a blind spot for the government’s tracking, but at the same time a potential for dangerous crime. 



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