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Competition Jury 短片競賽評審

Kiki Fung, moved to Australia in 2010, is Programme Consultant for Hong Kong International Film Festival and Advisor for The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts’ School of Film & Television. Kiki was the former Head Programmer for Australia’s Brisbane International Film Festival and Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival, and has guest-curated the Brisbane Festival and Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art. She is also a member of the Hong Kong Film Critics Society.  




Born in Malaysia and based in Taiwan, Director Lau’s short film Nia’s Door won Best Short Film Award at the 2015 Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). His debut documentary feature Absent Without Leave in the following year was selected for the 2016 BIFF Wide Angle category. In 2019, Director Lau announced two new works, The Tree Remember and Boluomi, featuring distinctive styles and powerful storytelling on Malaysia’s forbidden history, selected into various international film festivals and competitions. 




Taiwanese director Chen Yu-Hsun has been most well-known for his comedy and dark humour works, successfully recognized and praised worldwide. Director Chen’s works include Tropical Fish (1994), Love Go Go (1997), Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast (2013), The Village of No Return (2017) and My Missing Valentine (2020). He is also  passionate about music and has produced many music videos for successful bands such as Mayday.  



SWINGIN' 《輕鬆搖擺》

Director Guo Shang-Sing 郭尚興 | 2020 | 23 mins | UNCL G 

Qiu Qiu (Li Wei-Zhong), who grew up in a same-sex parented family, struggles at school, while the parent Mr. Hu (Hu Jia-How) grapples with parenthood. After an unprecedented event, Mr. Hu lost track of Qiu. How will the parents manage to find Qiu Qiu and make it in time for their jazz show?

生長在同志家庭的球球 (李威仲)試圖在學校同學面前證明自己,同時小爸爸(胡家豪)也掙扎著成為一個好家長。在一個意外之後,小爸爸尋找球球而不得。究竟他們要如何找到球球,並且趕上他們的爵士樂表演?


JACKS 《臥底》

Director Joel Stephen Fleming | 2020 | 9mins | UNCL 15+

Drew, an undercover police officer, takes on a mission in a gangland drug deal at a rural motel room. He discovers more hidden secrets of other gang members during the drug bust as the night turns wicked. 




Director Cho Ting-Wu 卓庭伍 | 2021 | 22mins | UNCL 15+

Mark is a director working in Taipei City who recently lost an important client. Reluctant to go back to his hometown Kaohsiung, an industrial town with severe pollution and no directing job, he decides to earn some quick money by making porn with his friend, Bugsy. However, while they are shooting the sex scenes on the rooftop, the worst smog arrives at the city and devours everything, including Mark’s last hope to stay in Taipei.



The Child of Nowhere《小洋》

Director Dio Wang 王孔澂  | 2019 | 25mins | UNCL G

Yang, a young boy from the orphanage, was desperately longing to be taken home by his father. His father finally came and took Yang back to the apartment where they lived; Yang fulfilled his dream for just one night. As Yang continued to face loneliness and abandonment, he ran back to the apartment only to find out no trace of his father was left there in the empty apartment. 



The Quiet 《靜魘星空》

Director Radheya Jegatheva | 2019 | 10mins | UNCL G

Does the silence on Earth parallel the universe? As the darkness emerges into the astronaut's mind and surroundings, it also shepherds back his childhood memories on Earth. 



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