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Director Lê Bảo 黎豹 | 2021 | 97 mins | UNCL 18+ | Vietnam, Singapore, France, Thailand, Germany, Taiwan | with English subtitle

Awards 獎項

2021 Berlinale - Encounters Prix Spécial du Jury



2021 Taipei Film Festival - International New Talent Competition

第23屆台北電影節 - 入選國際新導演競賽


2021 New Horizons International Film Festival - International Competition

第21屆波蘭新地平線國際影展 - 入選國際競賽單元


2021 Moscow International Film Festival - Selected for 8 1/2 Films

第43屆俄羅斯莫斯科國際影展 - 入選「8又2分之1」單元


Born in Saigon, Lê Bảo's debut feature Taste (Vị) is a masterful craft challenge between realism and surrealism. Each scene is created with stunning, dreamy imagery that tells a story of itself. "An Opaque, Evocative, Imposing Slow-Cinema Work of Art," said Jessica Kiang, Variety. 


Bassley, a Nigerian footballer lives in Vietnam with leg injuries that prevented him from playing football. Unable to work, he moves in with four middle-aged women to escape from reality and create a unique world for themselves. "I like to think of ‘home’ as something in a dream, but still a dream that cannot escape the reality of something absent." said director Lê Bảo.


出生於越南西貢市,導演黎豹的處女作 《失落邊境》是融合現實與超現實主義的精緻工藝,每個鏡頭浮出夢境般的驚人意象,講述了一個屬於自己畫面的故事。「一種曖曖、令人回味、氣勢磅礴的慢電影藝術作品。」-《綜藝》雜誌影評。



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