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The Tree Remembers


Director Lau Kek Huat 廖克發 | 2019 | 88 mins | UNCL 15+

Awards 獎項

2019 Singapore International Film Festival



2019 DMZ International Documentary Film Festival - Asian Competition



2019 Taipei Golden Horse Awards - Nominated for Best Documentary

第56屆金馬獎 - 入圍最佳紀錄片


2019 Taipei Film Festival - Nominated for Best Documentary, Best Sound Design, Best Music 

第21屆台北電影獎 - 入圍最佳紀錄片、混音、配樂獎


Nominated for Best Documentary, Director Lau (Boluomi, TWFF 2020) traces back to his hometown Malaysia's history through powerful archives footage and daunting interviews. Deriving from the proverb, "What the axe forgets, the tree remembers", the film explores some of the forbidden topics like colonisation, races, and identities. 


Orang Asli, the First Peoples in Malaysia, were forced to convert to Islam in order to receive support from the government. Due to the process of industrialisation, they lost their lands and forests. Years later, the racial conflicts continue, with the 13 May Incident in 1969 between Malays and Chinese; a crucial riot began the racial discrimination policies. 





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