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The Village of No Return


Director Chen Yu-Hsun 陳玉勳 | 2017 | 116 mins | UNCL 15+

Awards 獎項

2017 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival - Nominated for Best Leading Actress, Best Art Direction, Best Makeup & Costume Design

第54屆金馬獎 - 入圍最佳女主角、最佳美術設計、最佳造型設計


2017 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival - NETPAC Award 

第21屆韓國富川國際奇幻電影展 - 獲得NETPAC獎項


2017 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival - Official Selection 



2017 New York Asian Film Festival - Official Selection



Starring award-winning casts Shu Qi (Three Times, Millennium Mambo) and Joseph Chang (The Victims' Game), it's a quirky, hilarious action-comedy as Wuxia and musical mashup with hopeless romance. 


In a rural village filled with complicated relationships, the villagers are unaware of the outsider trying to wipe out their town. Before the attack, a mysterious guest arrives at the village with a mystical tool that could erase one's memory. He came to the town for a particular purpose——Is he with the assassin? Will the villagers be able to fight against those outsiders? 






Filmmaker in Focus: Chen Yu-Hsun 焦點影人|陳玉勳

Born in 1962, Chen Yu-Hsun started working as an intern for Wang Shau-Di’s studio and discovered his passion for using moving images as a tool for storytelling. Chen continued to work as a scriptwriter for various TV series before developing his first feature, Tropical Fish (1994) which enjoyed a successful international festival tour. His attention to detail and awareness of surroundings has made it successful to expand his creativity into the advertising industry. With hilarious, creative, and memorable works throughout his career, Director Chen skillfully adds satire into his scripts to spotlight the voiceless or perhaps the forgotten people.  


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