Golden Horse Film Academy Short Films

金馬電影學院  四部精選短片

We are very honoured to be able to work with the Golden Horse Film Academy this year and screen four of their completed short films including Walkie Talkie, Fish Tank, Minus, and Flow of Tides. Golden Horse Film Academy was started in 2009 by Hsiao-Hsien Hou who also is the Dean of the school. Each year, the school selects 10 to 12 students to take part in this mentorship and development program in Taiwan. The school's mission is to promote exchanges and dialogues among these emerging filmmakers, in order to preserve the unique culture and style of Mandarin-language films.


Upstairs, Downstairs -《對講機》
Friday 26 July 8.30PM
FA Talents: Fang Liang, Li-Ying Song, Shih-Ching Lin, HU Chen, Griffith Chin, Siew-Hong Leong, Thim-Kian Cheng
學員:方亮(中)、宋麗穎(中)、 林世菁(台)、胡晨(中)、秦廷宇(台)、 梁秀紅(馬)、程添健(馬)

With a broken intercom in the apartment, Zhen-Zhen goes to the neighbours one by one to collect the money for repair. Not getting any responses in some of the apartments, she starts to get curious about what's happening behind the doors. 


* Screens before It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Show《瘋狂電視台瘋電影 》
Fish Tank -《魚缸》
Saturday 27 July 2.00PM
FA Talents: Kean-Wah Chan, Kai-Ling Fu, Yu-Yu Huang, Chieh Yang, Garvin Chan, Jun-Chun Pan, Andy Cheng, Ya-Chih Cheng


The Family decided to reunite for one last time before the daughter moves away to overseas for work. But the father unexpectedly brings his new partner alone to the party. 


* Screens before The River《河流》

Minus -《冰箱》
Saturday 27 July 7.00PM
FA Talents: Ya-Yu Lin, Liang Sun, Ting-Ning Chen, Ka-Ki Wong, Yi-Fen Tsai,Tz-Yang Wei, Mei-Lee Kwan

An old fridge and three sensitive women in an old flat, a mysterious sound started to spread across the flat, echoing their inner world. 


* Screens before Xiao Mei 《小美》
Flow of Tides -《暗湧》
Sunday 28 July 3.30PM
FA Talents: Ran Li, Po-Shun Lu, Qi-Yu Teo, Jacob Chen, Song-Guang Tan, Li-Ling Hsieh

Three isolated soldiers searching for one missing bullet. Who fired the shot and why? 



* Screens before Nina Wu《灼人秘密》

Independent Short Films


Penny -《潘妮媽媽說不可以》
Director Kai-Tung Tam 譚棨茼
Saturday 27 July 11.30AM
* Screens before Lost Black Cats- 35th Squadron
《疾風魅影 黑貓中隊》
Light -《光》
Director Ming-Liang Tsai 蔡明亮
Sunday 28 July 1.30PM
* Screens before Your Face《你的臉》