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SWINGIN’ - Same-sex parental issues combine with light-hearted comedy

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

郭尚興《輕鬆搖擺》---- 同志議題加入輕鬆喜劇元素

Taiwan Film Festival in Australia

Director Guo Shang-Sing received the award for Berlinale Talents in 2009 had recently directed SWINGIN’, a short film portraying a character who desires acknowledgment as a father in a same-sex relationship and his interaction with the child Qiu-Qiu.

Director Guo is fond of Steve Spielberg’s films, which usually involve a character who ‘desires the acknowledgment’; this gave me the idea of a character, Jiahao, the young father. Jiahao was deprived of acknowledgments throughout his childhood, resulting in his desire for acceptance in adulthood. The young boy, Qiu Qiu, growing up in a same-sex family, is without exception as he tries to prove to his friends by showing the stereotype of masculinity to his peers and desires for acceptance.

SWINGIN’ illustrates same-sex topics through the lens of light-hearted and joyful perspective. When Guo first commenced the production of this film, Taiwan was yet to pass the legislation for same-sex marriage. For Guo, the nakedness of publicizing issues of sex and sexual orientations is very much like the horrors of a thriller film. Hence during the early period of production, there were many nail-biting elements in the film. Until 2019 as the high court of Taiwan finally announced the legalization of same-sex marriage, the change of the environment had granted new hope for the younger generation. This had indeed lessened Guo’s anxiety, which resulted in a revision of the film and naturally incorporated perky aspects of comedy.

Guo remarked that SWINGIN’ is a short film depicting the image of fathers. The image of the fathers from same-sex couples portrays that they could give equal love to the child while respecting the individuality of themselves and the child. This differs from the conventional image of an authoritative father figure who controls the freedom of the children. Guo hopes to see such a change of dynamics in the parent-children relationship in both hetero and same-sex families.

SWINGIN’ will be streaming on demand at Taiwan Film Festival in Australia from 16-30 September.

Taiwan Film Festival in Australia



Taiwan Film Festival in Australia



《輕鬆搖擺》將於 9 月 16 日至 30 日在線上放映。

Taiwan Film Festival in Australia


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