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The Quiet - Oscar long-list nomination of Animated Short Film

Radheya Jegatheva《靜魘星空》(The Quiet) ---奧斯卡動畫短片提名

Taiwan Film Festival in Australia

The Quiet, selected as an Oscar long-list nominee of animated short film this year, with an astronaut's monologue in the silent space, it narrates the secrets of his childhood memories, evoked by silence, and delivers a nightmarish twist at the end that might take your breath away!

Director Jegatheva said as a fan of celestial beauty, he had always wanted to create a piece of work using elements of outer space. In The Quiet, Jegatheva adds common sound effects of mundane life to the complete silence of the universe scene, creating a smoother storyline. The entire production process has undergone constant modification and experimentation to achieve the final result.

Taiwan Film Festival in Australia

There were difficulties encountered during the creation of The Quiet. Jegatheva was struggling when he needed to maintain a consistent picture style and smooth transitions. On one hand, the visual presentation could be very clear in his mind, but he faced the challenge of not knowing how to make it happen. As for the sound production, Jegatheva must test it repeatedly to ensure its feasibility. Specifically, when The Quiet is a work focusing on silence, the sound processing was stressful for the filmmaker. It is necessary to ensure that each sound is used to achieve the expected effect.

Jegatheva’s father, Jay Jay Jegathesan (the University of Western Australia) is the narrator of the film. He had worked with his father before making The Quiet and received many positive responses. Jegathesan didn’t have any film background and had little ideas about the film production process. However, he was willing to try to understand and learn for his son. Jegatheva is thankful for his father’s support and cooperation, as he hopes they would continue to work hard and produce more excellent works in the future.

The Quiet will be streaming on demand at Taiwan Film Festival in Australia from 16-30 September.

Taiwan Film Festival in Australia

今年甫榮獲奧斯卡動畫短片提名的《靜魘星空》(The Quiet)是今年短片競賽中唯一一部動畫。跟隨一位太空人沉浸在星空中的自我獨白,被寂靜按下開關,進入幽邃不堪的童年記憶,結局沈默卻轟然巨響。




《靜魘星空》將於 9 月 16 日至 30 日在線上放映。

Taiwan Film Festival in Australia


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